Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crossword Answers

Wow! I'm a jerk because I totally forgot to post the answers to the crossword puzzle from last Tuesday. So, if you are wondering what the answers are (because you're the one person who tackled the puzzle, ie-my Mom) Here you go:

Across: Down:
4: German evil spirit: kobold                                                1: Fate's ladies: norns
6: Company released copier: haloid                                       2: Windblast: gust
7: Delicious on dog meat?: mustard                                       3: Island produce: coconut
10: Shakespeare's haircut: princevaliant                                5: Menial labor: drudgery
13: Valley in Ozarks: holler                                                    8: Stole picnic basket: giantant
14: Man in black: cash                                                           9: Ad song: jingle
                                                                                            11: Medieval science: alchemy
                                                                                            12: Where your bats live: belfry

Sorry it took me so long. I found out that the hard thing isn't making the puzzle; it's getting the questions right (and spelling, evidently)

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