Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Word Puzzle

Here's a random thing for middle of the week. A Babble Comics crossword puzzle!

Clues: All clues refer to words or names used in previous Babble strips.
Across--                                                                   Down--
4: German evil spirit                                                1: Fate's ladies
6: Company released copyer                                     2: Windblast
7: Delicious on dog meat?                                        3: Island produce
10: Shakespeare's haircut                                        5: Menial labor
13: Valley in Ozarks                                                 8: Stole picnic basket
14: Man in black                                                      9: Ad song
                                                                             11: Medieval science
                                                                             12: Where your bats live

I'll post answers later in the week. Enjoy!

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