Friday, May 6, 2011


c'mere, theseus theseus theseus--that's a good hero!

I always found it kind of pathetic that the minotaur was defeated by a ball of twine. All those Greek heroes, aided by beautiful women who they end up screwing over: Theseus & Ariadne, Jason & Medea, Heracles & any of his four wives...

At least Ariadne was rescued and wed by Dionysus. That is, in some versions. In others, she was already married to the god of wine, so he killed her. I prefer the former version because I like my Greek heroes of the bastard variety.

My cartooning debt here is to the amazing Crockett Johnson, who's best known for Harold & the Purple Crayon. His great comic strip Barnaby is coming soon from Fantagraphics.


  1. I totally see the Crockett Johnson influence in the strip, but I gotta say that your minotaur looks kind of like Moomintroll.

  2. Wow, I was so anxious about what I was consciously aping, it totally escaped me that I might have unconscious influences as well. I've been running out of space in these tiny panels I'm using, so I've been looking at how cartoonists manage the figure in tight spaces. Plus, cute minotaurs are always a plus.