Friday, July 8, 2011


everybody's thinkin'
Nobody battles over science like astronomers battle over science (would you lose your nose over a math problem? Tycho Brahe did).

Couple of biographical notes: Johann Bode had poor eyesight, so many portraits of him make him look like he's winking, until you look closer and then it's kind of creepy (or creepier, depending on how you feel about old dudes winking at you). Panel three is based on an actual drawing of Herschel and his sister, so I have greatly maligned her in the name of cheap humor. She was not incestuously fascinated with her brother, but was an astronomer in her own right.

Webcomic note: Next week, the family and I will be travelling through North Carolina, visiting family and friends. I doubt I will have access to a scanner, so likely no strip next Friday. If that is the case, I will post it a day or two late.

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