Friday, July 22, 2011


This week I'm running a comics camp through the Little Shop of Stories, a kidslit bookstore in Decatur, GA. I've been informed by one of my students that I should include pronunciations of the words as well. That's probably a good idea when it comes to today's word, so here you go: tsook-tsvahng according to It was their word-of-the-day earlier this week and I instantly fell in love. I had never heard it before, but several of my 5th-7th grade campers said, "oh yeah, zugzwang!"

I never learned that in chess club (yes, I was in chess club. I was the delinquent half-ass the club president roped into joining because he thought it would up their "cool quotient." He was wrong.)

Final note: That's a young Arthur Bisguier, but I like the image because he's kind of beefy.


  1. Funny coincidence, I just bought a book titled ZugZwang.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I would have sworn you were making that up, but, what do I know?

    Hope the book is good!

  3. How could you not up the chess club's "cool quotient," Justin? I love your comics, btw.

  4. Thanks for the love!

    I think it should be perfectly clear how someone obsessed with word history and comics did not bring the cool to chess club. Although, I should clarify that I was a teenager well before nerd triumphalism was the law of the land...