Friday, August 19, 2011


but with a heart of gold

This is an old one that I re-touched a bit to mesh better with what I'm doing art-wise now. I skipped boycott when I realized I had wanted one word per letter of the alphabet in my first six months or so. I went with "bikini" for my first B, which is a strip I still like more than this one.

Panel Five: News of the "now-christened" boycott reached all the way to Japan! And period images of mail-carrier garb reminds me all-too much of American Civil War uniforms, so I apologize for that confusion.

If you know anything about comics and the recent legal wranglings of Marvel vs. Jack Kirby's estate, then you know this has become the buzz-word for folks disappointed by Marvel's recent actions to continually deny any financial or legal recognition of Kirby's lasting cultural and creative legacy. Anyways, enough of my soapbox.


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