Friday, August 12, 2011

joke & jest

knock knock

Okay, so this week is a double-sized entry with two related words because I've made it all the way through the alphabet. Not in order, mind you, but, with the exception of a few etymological terms, I've done twenty-six strips, a word from each letter of the alphabet. Yay me!

I don't know how well I pulled this last one off--it's hard to find a bunch of immediately recognizable, stale gags and twist them enough that they can zing. Or, as my daughter pointed out to my son, "look Price, it's a bunch of lame jokes that are old like from when Daddy was our age."

This is probably it for the straight etymology for awhile. I've got some more terms that I'll do, but I've been digging into my slang dictionaries of late, so that's probably where I'm headed next.

Thanks to all who've read and linked and supported me this far!

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