Friday, September 23, 2011

back formation

Sherry = 19th century 40oz
9 panels today - woo hoo! The scan was a bit muddy, so that's why the odd grayness to the strip today.

James Murray was the first editor of the Oxford English Dictionary. He looked like a scholarly Gandalf, or Dumbledore with a mortarboard instead of a wizard's hat. If anything, I didn't draw enough books and papers. Really, the guy was like the brainiest episode of Hoarders ever.

He's the "professor" half of the title The Professor and the Madman, the book about the creation of the OED and Murray's connection/friendship/whatever it was with Dr. William Chester Minor, a murderer who spent his time in an asylum for the deranged compiling contributions for the OED.

Sorry for that 7th panel paunch, Sir Murray! He was a gaunt guy, and I couldn't seem to get his proportions right. In fact, that 7th panel is how I imagine my brother-in-law looking in thirty or forty years.

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