Friday, September 9, 2011

skin in the game

the television creeps ever closer...
  • Poor scan. I forgot to trim the original page down to 8.5 x 11 (the sheet was 9 x 12, but my scanner is very unforgiving on that point). Thus the shadows.
  • Yet another semi-editorial cartoon that tells me I should avoid them. This cartoon owes much to Doonesbury (for that opening panel especially) and Ditko (who knew Jon Stewart had a Ditko face?).
  • No, William Safire is not secretly WC Fields. I should stick Safire, Chaucer, Johnson, and Pompadour in a skiff together in the afterlife and set it adrift - that would be a boat ride to remember!
  • That last panel is a cliche', I know, but I like the layout and, awkward as those fingers are, I like the line of the arms and hands.

This past weekend I saw my friend Eric Wight at the Decatur Book Festival. He is brilliant and you should check out his Frankie Pickle series, especially if you've got a 5 year old!

Also, Happy Birthday to Me! In case you're wondering, whatever the game is, I've got plenty of skin.

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