Friday, October 7, 2011



A little late today, for obvious reasons. Like I say in the strip, I've never really been a devoted Apple person, mostly because every place I've ever worked has trudged along using PCs, but, even as a kid when, at computer camp, I sat down at the trs-80 machine and looked longingly at the cool kids who got to work on Apple IIs, I knew there could be something better out there when it comes to computers, and as long as Steve Jobs was at the helm, Apple would be the place to find it.

But what interests me the most is not necessarily the machines themselves, whether those are macs, ipods, iphones, ipads, and on and on, but how one man's interest in a whole world of ideas: typography, design, aesthetics, and on and on, could inform an shape an entire planet's technology and the way they understand and interact with that technology.

Put another way, industrial age technology can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, so in that sense it matters less who invented the steam engine than who invented the industrial age itself through an understanding of how it can be used.

And that is done through language.

You know those t-shirts that say "where's my jetpack?" That lament for the future that never arrived? Well, blame it on Steve Jobs, because he saw the future, named it, and put it in your hand, and it ain't a backpack to get to work, it's a computer that can take you around the world while you listen to your favorite music or talk to somebody three time zones away.

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