Friday, March 30, 2012


my redraw
Berenstain original
This was a drawing exercise for me, based on the Redrawn! comics tumblr page. Fun exercise, and taught me a few things. The Berenstains really get the boy's posture right in the first panel in a way that creates motion -- which I lost entirely in my redraw. And Sister's limbs-- that Hank Ketcham-reminiscent pudgy style so prevalent in the Harvey titles from when I was growing up--man, that's just awesome, and I get a little close with her legs. What I like most about what I drew is the groveling that the boy seems to be doing, I like the action of that.

Here's another thing that jumped out at me: the Berenstain's character designs seem a bit flawed at first (I hate the boy's hair) but prove crucial when taken as part of the panel's overall composition-- again, look at the boy's hair.

I'm irked that I couldn't keep the same rhythms to the lettering in the second panel word balloon; my fear is that I killed the joke with it. The strip is from a collection of the Berenstains' cartooning and comics work (most of it prior to the bears). The book is called Child's Play, I found it on remainder for under $10 at maybe a half-priced books somewhere? Anyways, enjoy.

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