Friday, March 2, 2012


rebel yell
 Stentor was fairly minor, and doesn't really recur in Greek myth, kind of only getting a mention here, at least in terms of writers and myths commonly read. In fact, he only gets mentioned in the Iliad because Hera disguises herself as him to harangue the Greek armies. Somewhere he gets mentioned again though - it is said that he died in a yelling contest with Hermes. Who knew what a bastard that god was?

I've got a little too much Matt Bors and Julie Doucet going on in this drawing for my liking. I feel like I wear all my influences on my sleeve.

Here's the Chapman: "Saturnia put on Stentor's shape, that had a brazen voice And spake as lowd as fiftie men--like whom she made a noise And chid the Argives, "O ye Greekes--in name and outward rite But Princes onely, not in act-- what scandall..."

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