Monday, May 7, 2012

buy stuff

yes! you can now buy minicomics with your favorite babble strips, a minicomic of everyday stories I also do called The Fig, and you can even buy a deck of cards with the recent series of Greek & Roman mythology-based words on them. Woo! just click on the shop button there on the right and go wild...


  1. Tried to buy something and was taken to my account page in PayPal -- not a shopping cart or anything... Speaking of which, in case folks wanted to buy more than one item, might you not want "add to cart" buttons instead of "buy now?" Not to be a scold or anything. I just...have some experience with the whole PayPal button thing... GO FIG!

  2. Umm, okay-- I obviously suck at this. I'll take it down tonight and rework it. Any good tutorials out there?