Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where I am now

Well, I haven't posted in too long, mostly due to publishing comics elsewhere, namely in my local online paper. I had hoped to continue posting here about once a month, but the other comics have taken up much of my time.

Instead, rather than giving up on this blog, I'd like to change the focus of it a bit-- rather than offering less, I'll offer more. So, here's the new deal: I'll post here whatever comics I'm doing, and provide some extra commentary. That way, if you're following me here, you get more than if you read my comics on the Patch paper.

To kick things off, here's the comic I posted yesterday. As I say in the first panel, it's a response to a previous comic I did (you can read it here). My main purpose for doing these comics for the Decatur-Avondale Patch has been to focus on community concerns-- I take it as my mission to wrestle with those events that push and pull at the fabric of my town, a small, funky city on the edge of Atlanta, GA (Decatur, if you're interested). It's been referred to as "where Mayberry meets Haight-Ashbury," to give you an idea of the local flavor). What bothered me about the previous comic was that it fit neatly into the Editorial Comic category, but I quickly realized that this fell outside of my given purpose. So, mostly for my own sense of sticking to my purpose, I wrote this one in response:

So, I'm not happy with the writing on this one. I couldn't get that last page down at all. As you can probably tell, it has to do with that final panel on the 4th page. I knew I wanted text, but I couldn't figure out where to go. I opted to veer into maudlin just to avoid bitterness, which seemed to be my only other direction.

On the other hand, I'm fairly pleased with some of the comics elements--the weird perspectives on the first page, the cartoony figures, the placement of the text on the last page (blocking out the word balloons, in particular).

I've finally cleared my plate for a longer piece I want to do about a local science museum/teaching center, delving into it's history, staff, and current financial straights. Stay tuned!

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