Friday, November 2, 2012

Why I Vote

 Pressing needs of the moment (Get Out The Vote!) beat all other concerns this week, thus the following:

If you're coming here from GuysLitWire, then the "Why I Vote" graphic is familiar to you (And welcome to Babble!). If not, then let me say that this comic is the product of a prompt from GLW to write a blog post about why voting is important. I think most folks participating have a story or history to tell about why they vote, but for me, voting is more like the first baby step of civic engagement.

I just think that there are innumerable ways in which we culturally have confused this issue--possibly the number one culprit is by naming ourselves away from citizenry. "Consumers" is a big one here. Also, all demographic definitions which are constructed to help target advertizing: age, income, geography, race, etc.

Something happened with my last comic-- between devoting one panel to words and completing a full unit on the rhythms and structures of cartoonists like Chris Ware and JH Williams III, I've been freed from my previous grid to further subdivisions. It's like going from 4/4 time to a waltzier 3/3. Or something.

This comic was published in the local Patch earlier this week. You can see it, along with all my other Decatur comics, here.

Meanwhile, it's never too early to vote, so please, by all means, vote, and not just for president: I'm sure there are all kinds of downballot initiatives, representatives, local offices, etc. on your ballot. Don't forget to vote for them as well!

PS-- the great graphic at the top is the product of Sarah Stevenson and the efforts of GLW folks, particulary Colleen Mondor. Thanks!

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  1. "Citizens don't buy democracy" is now my go-to phrase for the week. Thank you, Justin.