Friday, February 22, 2013

In Pursuit of Lost Books, pt 3

Latest installment. The second panel is different here. This was my original intention: inverse the art to get that white on black, but I'm not happy with the post as drawn (see the guyslitwire blog) or in reverse as it is here. Many of the other panels please me though, or portions thereof. That last panel, especially the difference between the face/hair and the background. The barn/house in the background of panel three. The bonnet in panel four.

Awhile ago, I mentioned that this project ended up being "truer" than I had initially intended. Originally I had thought I would do this project on a book I had already found-- specifically the Bellairs Face in the Frost I mentioned in the prologue. But I decided it didn't seem as obscure or as hard to find as I had thought. There was a review of it on the Guyslitwire site, so it was time to hunt for another title. That's what led to the book here.

I have no idea if The Winding Stair will prove to be as good a read as it is a hidden treasure, but it is perfectly suited for what I want -- a book that allows me to discuss used book stores, used books, associated titles, and like here, associated authors and their works. I read "Silent Snow, Secret Snow" in grad school, but I don't remember much about it, other than that I wasn't too enamored of what most would call his "style." In retrospect, it suited his tone and form - it was the whole point of the story.

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