Friday, April 26, 2013

Poems for poetry month!

April is Poetry Month, and (as I mentioned in an earlier post) I made a little minicomic of illustrated poems for FLUKE! One of the poems already appeared here (the TS Eliot cat poem), but the other two were new-- light, fun poems that I thought would be interesting to draw. The first is one of Robert Burns playful poems about little things-- To A Mouse. The second is a (PG rated) sea shanty. Click through to see!

My favorite Burns poem is "To a Louse," but this is a fine one as well. The illustrations are more serious than the poem warrants, but it made for good sequencing.

Below is a fun sea shanty. It's a bit cobbled from two different versions. I grabbed my favorite verses from each. Anyways, enjoy!

(Note: these originally appeared online at the Little Shop of Stories blog)

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