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I question your etymological rigor. Or You suck at this! Or What the hell are you doing?

Um. Thank you for your interest. Hopefully you understand that, a) this is a hobby of mine, b) while I do have the best of intentions, I am fallible, and, most importantly, c) I will always err on the side of whatever makes for a better comic, hands down, every time.

What tools do you use?

Does it look like I have tools? Then I thank you. I use a pen for the drawing and inking. I compose in a stupid desktop publishing program I've learned the ins and outs of over the years because of various jobs and its availability. I use a lightbox I've had for a decade to avoid erasing pencils, to draw historical figures, and to shorthand my layouts. Chris Schweizer, instructor at SCAD and friend, would probably choke if he knew my process...

What are these etymological terms and concerns of yours?

Some answers are here!

You seem obsessed with Greek mythology. What's up with that?

In another life, I teach college English. I don't have tenure, and I have no seniority whatsoever. This means I teach what's available. In terms of English literature, the only class available is World Literature I. In a nutshell, that's everything written from Gilgamesh to Shakespeare, or the Hymn to Aten to the later tales of the 1001 Nights. This means that I get text messages from my wife asking if I told our 7 year old daughter the story of Medea. (The answer is yes, but only the part about her tearing her little brother limb from limb-- "not that it's okay to do this, you understand?" "I understand, Daddy"-- not the part about her stabbing her children to get revenge on her husband)

It also means mythology rattles around in my brain in ways I can't use in class. See evidence of it here.